six Book Summary Websites Like Sparknotes

Update – 2018. 01. 05

Whether you’ve got a big novel exam coming up or even if you want to have all the answers at your next book club, sites like Sparknotes come in very handy. These book summary sites allow you to learn all you need to know for just about any book that’s been released.

Sparknotes makes it easy with regard to you to definitely learn regarding book characters, obtain chapter summaries, discover out the ethical of the tale plus much more. Sparknotes will be completely liberated to make use of, but you might not always find the particular books that you are searching for, making these types of Sparknotes alternatives helpful.

We gathered the particular best sites similar to Sparknotes therefore you can usually get the info you need for just about any book or book. Browse our listing of sites like Sparknotes below to immediately find out any kind of little details regarding any book that is been released within the past few centuries.

  • CliffsNotes
  • WikiSummaries
  • JiffyNotes
  • Deconstructing Excellence
  • Book Video Club
  • Get Flash Notes


sites like cliffsnotes

Official Site

CliffsNotes is 1 of the greatest free book overview websites online. These people bring you almost all sorts of helpful guides including check preparation guides, research guides, literature information and much a lot more. CliffsNotes is totally totally free to use and the student life source section is outstanding for high college and university students. Examine out CliffsNotes should you be looking for 1 of the greatest Sparknotes alternatives.

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Official Site

WikiSummaries can be another excellent choice when looking for sites such as Sparknotes. This will be probably the biggest book summary websites on the web and it’s totally free to browse. WikiSummaries has a layout that is quite similar to Wikipedia. Browse through their entire selection of novel summaries online or use their search bar to quickly find what you’re looking for.

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sites like jiffynotes

Official Site

JiffyNotes is one of the best book summary sites online for literature and academic novels. If you’re prepping for a book exam or even if you can’t quite remember certain chapters, use JiffyNotes to quickly refresh your memory. Their notes are well-detailed, allowing you to easily find what you’re looking for. Their selection is also rather huge, providing you with notes for most mainstream novels.

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Deconstructing Excellence

deconstructing excellence

Official Site

Deconstructing Excellence is one of the best sites like Sparknotes online if you’re looking for details about academic literature. However , they also have tons of other book genres as well, including self-help books, celebrity autobiographies and much more. Deconstructing Excellence is one of the great sites worth checking out if you want to know what books are about without having to read them yourself.

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Book Video Club

book video club

Official Site

Book Video Club is the best place to go if you choose watching videos instead than reading publications. They make 5-minute video overviews with regard to a large number of books plus novels. Their movie summaries of publications enable you to quickly plus easily memorize a variety of books by just listening and viewing. Book Video Golf club includes a monthly compensated membership plan, yet you can terminate anytime and it is extremely affordable.

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Get Flash Notes

get flash notes

Official Site

Get Flash Information is another outstanding spot to visit whenever searching for web sites like Sparknotes. This guide summary site presents to consumers written and sound summaries. The summaries are incredibly comprehensive, allowing you to get a good grasp of each book. Whether you’re looking for business books, self-help books or even novels, Get Flash Notes has it all!

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