13+ Sites Like Rabb.it (Alternatives) For Streaming Videos With Friends





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Rabb. it used to become the best platform regarding watching tv shows or movies with your households and friends online, zero matter how far you were. You could watch the content in real-time while also communicating with others. On the other hand, it was acquired by simply Kast in July 2019.

Could Rabb. it was acquired, their services were shut lower since May 2019. Kast got all the rights to the whole enterprise. One thing to note is that unlike other online businesses such as this who proceed out due to legalities, there wasn’ t any difficulty with Rabb. it which often made it shocking!

The investors decided to withdraw from the business and it obtained shut down. It had no other option as compared to that to be acquired by another one. Typically the platform was used to help to make a group chat room with known people plus watch football with all of them. You could have viewed anything with others.

While Rabb. that now seems to be gone for good there are only a few websites which can replace it. Actually then it difficult to match the standard associated with this platform. Here are some platforms similar to Rabb. that for watching content with others…

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Best Rabb. It Alternatives

Rabb.it Alternatives


Web site: https://rave.io/

Rave is one of the best alternatives in order to Rabbit if you are usually a mobile user. Actually though Rave also provides a great online website, additionally, it comes with mobile programs. And you can get the Great mobile app for both iOS and also Android. Yet the best part regarding these mobile apps is that you could possibly get almost the particular same experience to both programs. This is possible as a result of great user interface that is shared between both mobile platforms. Rave likewise offers multiple useful features and options for the customer. These can be useful while watching videos within a virtual room along with your friends.


Website: https://kast.gg/index.html

Kast is a website developed by the same guys behind Rabb. it and if you open Rabb. it, it will redirect a person to Kast. And a person can use Kast via the web-based app or perhaps download the Kast pc. Whether you use the Kast website or the app go for hosting a new watch party, you will have an excellent experience, you will have got a great experience. Separate from that, Kast offers apps for mobile gadgets that enables you to make use of Kast on the go. You should use Kast for hosting movie watching parties with more than 100 friends. Not only that but Kast even offers chatting choices on its website since well as the apps. These can be useful regarding talking along with your friends while using Kast.

NetFlix Celebration

Site: https://www.netflixparty.com/

As you would have got guessed by the NetFlix Party name, this web site allows you to enjoy Netflix along with your own friends. You can use NetFlix Party for viewing both movies and TV SET shows while hosting a new watch party online. Nevertheless unlike other websites plus apps, NetFlix Party will be a browser extension. Once you have added this extension in your browser, you have to be able to log in with your NetFlix account. After that, it is possible to invite your buddies in your watch party without having any issues. You can even chat with other viewers in your managed view party. But when you want to make use of this extension for making use of other streaming websites, then you are from good fortune. NetFlix Party does not assistance any websites other Netflix for your watch parties.


Website: https://www.synaptop.com/

Synaptop is a liberated to use website for hosting watch parties. It allows users to watch their favorite movies and additional videos along with their friends just like Rabb. it. You can easily access Synaptop by either using their website or installing the particular Synaptop mobile app about your smartphone. Its mobile app can be pretty useful if you want to host or join a wristwatch party on the go. The best part about Synaptop is that even though this is free to make use of, there are no adverts. As a result, you will have a distraction-free experience while watching video clips applying this website.

Togethr TV

Website: https://togethr.tv/

Together TV is a new great website if you want to make use of streaming websites like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, in addition to others with your friends. You may use this website regarding watching as well as communicating together with your friends. It provides both text chat because well as voice talk features to the customer. Due to this, you will have a great time with your friends although using the Togethr TV website. One of the most unique features of Togethr TV is that an individual can even stream media files from your computer.


Web site: https://syncplay.pl/

SyncPlay is quite not the same as all of the Rabb. it alternatives mentioned in this article. Instead regarding hosting watch parties online, this is a media player of which later to install. When you have installed that on your device, an individual and your friends can play the same mass media file and it will sync it. In additional words, it will play the selected video at precisely the same so that you can view it your friends. And the media player that an individual are playing does not have to be kept on other viewers’ products. Unfortunately, SyncPlay is not necessarily available for any cell phone devices. It can just be installed on a personal computer running Windows, macOS, or even Linux.


Website: https://airtime.com/

Airtime is usually the perfect Rabb. that alternative for mobile customers as it offers even more than just hosting enjoy parties. One of the particular best features offered simply by Airtime is the capability to video call your close friends. This permits you to video call multiple friends from once where everyone is able to talk to each other. Not only that but Air time also allows you to watch a show, TV display, or any other movie while doing so. As a result, it offers a great experience to the particular user while hosting watch parties right from your current smartphone. Your friends may also use the Air time app for listening to be able to music together. Airtime also allows you to use other programs NetFlix and Spotify along with it.


Website: https://simulchat.com/

Simulchat is fantastic chatting app which also allows an individual to watch videos along with your friends. As a result, it is an substitute for Rabb. it worth mentioning. Users can create exclusive boards on the Simulchat website where one can watch movies, chat, make video calls, share files, and even play games together. Unfortunately, this site only allows you to watch YouTube along along with your friends. Websites such as NetFlix and Amazon Perfect Video are not reinforced on Simulchat. But since this website is totally free to use, you should definitely test it out. Once a person have created a totally free account on Simulchat, a person can start deploying it proper away.


Website: https://togethertube.com/

Together Pipe is a highly well-known option to Rabb. it credited to various features in addition to options which it offers. You can use this site for watching videos as well as hearing music along with your buddies. Users can invite their friends to Together Tube very easily by using an invitation link. A fantastic feature offered by this site is that it allows the particular viewers to vote regarding videos to look at. Apart coming from that, all of the particular viewers buy to chat with each other with this website. Unfortunately, Together Tubing does not offer any mobile apps to the users. Instead, you have got to use the web-affiliated player in order to use TogetherTube.


Website: https://www.watch2gether.com/

Watch2gether is a totally free to be able to use alternative to Rabb. it there. Not simply that but since a person do not need to sign up on this website, you can begin making use of it right away. Typically the user interface of typically the Watch2gether is website will be also quite good. It makes the website look very modern and sleek as well as makes the entire website easy to make use of. Users can create their own own private rooms wherever people can talk to each and every other while hosting the watch party. It enables you to stream videos from all of typically the popular streaming websites away there. In addition you can even use this web site for attending to your preferred music tracks with your friends.


Website: https://andchill.tv/

And Chill is one of the particular easiest to utilize alternatives to Rabb. it which is usually also free to make use of. This is certainly possible due to the simple and straight forward user interface of this specific website. It gives all regarding its navigation and browsing features right on the house page. As a result, even new users could use this website without any issues. You can employ this website for hosting watch parties along with your friends quickly and easily. As soon as you have created an enjoy party, you can and then share both videos because well as music with your friends. Apart through that, there are also and sign up for public join rooms obtainable on this website. This feature can be quite useful if you need to watch videos with random people. Because a result, you may even make new on the internet friends using the Plus Chill website.

myCircle. tv

Site: https://www.mycircle.tv/

My Circle TV is a web-based application that could be used to look at host watch parties. My Group TV is completely liberated to use and does not necessarily even require registration. Since a result, you could use it for watching YouTube videos along together with your friends. Not just that but My Group of friends TV users may also publish videos from their pc for sharing with friends. You can even find a new video call feature upon this website that enables group video calls while you’re watching movies. And since sharing your watch party is very easy on this web site, it is a fantastic option to Rabb. it.


Website: http://sharetube.io/#menu

In line with the name, Share Pipe enables you to watch YouTube video clips with your friends. It allows you to watch synced YouTube videos while speaking to your friends making use of the chat feature. Another great thing about Share Tube is that this has various categories with regard to the available public watch parties. Due to this, you may find public room based on your interests. But if you desire to create your own private room, that is also quite simple within the Share Tube web site. You must simply enter typically the URL of the YouTube video that you need to watch after which share the link of your watch party with your current friends.

Final Thoughts…

Just read was the greatest alternatives that you can use rather than Rabb. that for viewing content together with your friends and family. We hope you loved our list and found a platform what suits your needs. When you enjoy something with other it becomes more entertaining there’ s no denying that that. Right?

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Thus, which one among these is your favorite? Performed we miss any regarding the good Rabb. that alternatives? Which topic perform you want us to be able to cover next? Let us know in the comments below…





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