12 Best GameBoy Advance Emulators (For Windows, Mac, or Android)





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Searching for the best GameBoy Advance Emulators? If yes, we have made this article just for you…

GameBoy Advance may be remembered as 1 of the best video gaming consoles of them all. Before presently there were smartphones for enjoying mobile games, people had to play games just on video gaming consoles. Right now there were many consoles which usually were great like the particular PS 1 & a couple of, Xbox Original, etc.

The GameBoy Enhance is without a doubt, one of the best selling video sport consoles of all period. It has sold more than 81 million units worldwide. The GameBoy Advance was your smartphone equivalent of their time. And it has been surely damn popular, typically the craze for this was real.

But now, not necessarily many people learn about typically the GBA, it was an advanced version of the past GameBoy Color and along with it, you can run even more advanced games of that time. The console was released again in 2001, so it’ s simple to assume very few know about this and the classic online games it had. (If you’ re a millennial. )

While this may be one of the best promoting video game consoles ever, it isn’ t a good idea to purchase the console today when you can play all of its games on any kind of of your devices. Sure, with the help regarding GameBoy Advance (GBA) Simulator you can run all of its games on your current android-phone, Windows & Mac pc.

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While there are many Emulators existing for almost every gaming console, today we will cover a number of the very best GBA Emulators so for every OS. In this listing, you will find GameBoy Emulators that could run about Windows, Mac & Android os smartphones. So, without more ado let’ s begin…

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Best GameBoy Advance Emulators Of 2019

Best GameBoy Advance Emulators


First on our own list of GameBoy Emulators we have is mGBA which is regarded as the particular best GBA Emulator regarding PC. There are many reasons for having this Emulator which often makes it so excellent for playing GameBoy games on PC. mGBA can be found for many OS like House windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.

While this Emulator lacks some of typically the advanced features it really is still the best GBA Emulator for PC. Some regarding the features we such as about mGBA are – it supports cheat codes, you can save typically the game whenever you want, that is compatible with NES Classic Series, etc. Presently there are just many things to love about this.

Open up EMU

Open EMU is a great open-source Emulator which is usually created for playing games of many consoles on MacOS. It truly is one of typically the Emulators which works completely on MacOS PC, that’ s what we really like about it. However, it isn’ t available for any other platform which tends to make it hard to get for many people.

Because it’ t open-source it is totally free, you can find no ads of any kind present within it. Most of the GameBoy games run perfectly in on Open EMU. It absolutely was first launched within 2007, which makes it more compared to a decade old and is still one regarding the best GameBoy Progress Emulators present in the particular market. That’ s awesome!

Exclusion Advance GBA

Boycott Advance GBA Emulator was created regarding achieving a single purpose – making it simpler to run GameBoy online games on MacOS. We may say that it has definitely achieved the aim and is usually now one of typically the top GameBoy Advance Emulators for MacOS. Boycott Enhance is simple to use and it runs the majority of the online games perfectly.

You should note that this Emulator can only run GameBoy Advance games, it can’ t run the particular classic games from your authentic GameBoy. Also, it hasn’ t been updated for a long period as at first when it launched it had been a paid one, nevertheless now it isn’ t so doesn’ t possess the support team it as soon as had.


RetroArch is an open up source, free cross-platform front end for game engines, emulators, video games, etc . Essentially, it’ s an app by which you may interact with other applications such as Emulators. You can make use of RetroArch as a Gameboy Emulator, and it works all of the games very nicely. It’ s one regarding the best ones.

RetroArch isn’ capital t limited by playing GameBoy Progress games, with it an individual can also play Nintendo 3Ds games and very much more. If you’ re looking for an Emulator which can run almost everything then this is the best choice. It’ t available for mobiles (Android & iOS), PC (Windows, Linux, Mac OS), and so on.

Steve GBA

John GBA is 1 of the best Simulator for mobile phones if you want to play GameBoy Advance games at no cost. This Emulator is simply designed for Android, so when you’ re on a different platform you should appearance for other options. Plus, if you have an Android after that this is one associated with the best choices.

To have this Emulator started, you will have to download the ROMS of the games. (Just like for any other Simulator. ) John GBA will come with in-built cheats, alternatives by which you can improve the rendering, save typically the games to Dropbox, and so forth. It truly is overall, a strong GameBoy Advance Emulator.


GBAoid is usually almost as old as me using my very first smartphone. In fact, when I got into using Simulator this was one of the first ones I applied and it got me personally in to the world of enjoying GameBoy games on Google android. This Emulator app performs only on Android in case you don’ t come with an Android smartphone you can look into other Emulators.

However, even even though it works well upon many devices it hasn’ t received an up-date for a long time. The last time checked the updated time it was back spring 2012 (that’ s a long time… ). It may work on some devices or may not am employed at all. Applying this Emulator can be a struck or miss if an individual want to try this out.

GBA. emu

GBA. emu will be another GameBoy Emulator regarding Andriod. It isn’ to free though, it will cost you about 3. 99$ to get this app from the play store. But you understand once you pay for some thing it is usually full of quality. It’ s a similar case with GBA. emu you get what an individual pay for, it won’ t disappoint you.

There are several Emulators which advertise all of them as free but after that bombard you with adverts, GBA. emu charges you so that you don’ t get those annoying ads. It’ s very much better this way. You could play almost every sport with this Emulator software, it truly is worth your time and money. It is usually one of my faves.

Our Boy!

My Boy! is 1 of the most popular GameBoy Emulators for Android, it competes with NO$GBA, GBA. emu, and RetroArch to be the best Android application to play GameBoy games. When it comes to reputation it is second to none as it will be one of the most well-known GBA Emulator for mobile phones.

Although it is free in order to use GBA Emulator that also has a compensated version. The free edition will show you adverts, and if you would like to remove them then you may get the paid version. That doesn’ t imply the free version will be bad, there are a few ads but they will don’ t hinder the particular gaming experience in any way. An individual can play any game you want.


BatGBA is a new GameBoy Advance Emulator of which you can use on your PC. It’ h only available for PC and is perfect for those who prefer to use a simple Emulator we. e, with not too many nonsense options. That has been in typically the game for over a decade so you can likewise trust it. You can’ t use it about other platforms though.

What we just like the most about this Emulator is the fact it’ s very light and takes approach too less space upon your hard drive. You will be able to play the GameBoy games without any trouble. If you like lightweight Emulators then this is one of the best choices. Also, installing this Emulator is very simple.

Higan GBA

Another GBA Emulator which often is made only for PC, Higan GBA is usually one of the fantastic ones. Similar to the BatGBA this particular Emulator boasts of its simplicity, you can run that on almost every device. Even if there’ h ten years old PC a person can run Higan GBA on it without breaking a sweat. It’ h such a good Emulator.

You can personalize the Emulator in any kind of way you like. Right now there are lots of games consoles it supports like – GameBoy Advance, Famicom, GameBoy Color, Mega Drive, Game Gear, etc. There are usually only a few Emulators which assistance so many consoles. However, a person will face an audio issue sometimes.

VisualBoy Advance

VisualBoy Enhance Emulator is itself as old because the GameBoy Enhance. It is one of the earliest if not, the most well-known GameBoy Emulators present within this list. VisualBoy Progress has so many amazing features which you won’ to even get in the initial ones. Some even point out it’ s better compared to the console.

Nevertheless , VisualBoy Advance will be only available for PC in case you’ re looking with regard to emulators which work nicely about mobile devices check out there other ones in the list. You can operate pretty much every GBA game on the VisualBoy Progress Emulator. What’ s even more, is that it’ h free. You will just have to deal with a couple of ads.


No Cash GBA or perhaps No$GBA is probably the popular GBA Emulators in this list. A single of the reasons regarding its popularity can be due to its special name but that’ t not the only cause for its success. It is a very powerful Emulator which can also run a few Nintendo DS games (but not all).

As an user, that lets you configure the game you want to perform in any way you like. No$GBA can run all the GameBoy Advance games easily. You can also add a controller if you need, it is supported. And this is additionally a free Emulator which will demonstrate a few ads but the ads can be ignored quickly.

Final Thoughts…

There you have it, folks, these have been some of the absolute best GBA Emulators you could find and use in order to play GBA games. 1 thing that’ s the very best about these GameBoy Progress Emulators is that they are completely free. You can play these games without the issue and the game will run buttery easy as it doesn’ t need many resources.

We tried and examined all of these GameBoy Advance Emulators, we have also included the ones which usually were good. There’ t hardly any GBA Emulator which doesn’ t work properly on this listing. You can run GBA games with these Simulator without any hassles in addition to on any device a person want.

Therefore, these were the best Game Boy Advance Emulators. Which a single of these is your preferred? Did we miss any good GBA Emulator? If yes, feel free to advise us and when you’ re also facing any issues you can also put these people within the comments below. Regards!





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